The basic men's t-shirt is an essential piece of clothing in any man's wardrobe. It's practical, comfortable and looks good with just about anything you can wear.

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For everyday wear, if you are something like me, who prefers a more casual and discreet style of clothing, then you should prefer to wear plain t-shirts, right?

With a plain t-shirt, I mean a t-shirt without designs or patterns. A solid color t-shirt with no print.

You probably even prefer black t-shirts for men or the typical white t-shirt.

There are t-shirts for all tastes with a relaxed and informal look with a tight fit or a looser fit.


T-shirts for Work

I wear basic t-shirts for work.

I know that some people prefer or consider basic polo shirts for men more appropriate.

But I must say that I like the traditional casual t-shirt for work better because it is lighter and more comfortable. I feel better wearing a t-shirt. In my case, my profession gives me that freedom!

For social gatherings and activities, a stylish men's t-shirt of the appropriate color is always a good fit. I also apply this rule to the work t-shirt.



T-shirts for Leisure

There are plenty of reasons and occasions to wear a basic t-shirt.

I already mentioned work, I ask if you've ever gone on vacation without keeping several t-shirts in your suitcase? Not me!

For summer, at the beach or for a walk, it's obvious that the t-shirt is a mandatory choice.

I avoid the black t-shirt for certain activities on hot summer days, preferring t-shirts in soft colors, in calm and fresh tones.

I don't even stop wearing basic t-shirts in winter. What about you?

Often, a long-sleeved t-shirt and jacket is all I need. Of course, these temperatures that are felt in Portugal allow this.

Otherwise, I would have to wear many more layers of clothing where I would probably add a sweatshirt.



T-shirts for Sports

For my morning runs or gym training, the basic sleeveless t-shirt goes with me too.

I also wear technical t-shirts for sports. By the way, for my workouts, I have technical t-shirts, 100% cotton t-shirts and basic sleeveless t-shirts in my drawer.

However, more often I choose a 100% cotton t-shirt and a sleeveless t-shirt than a technical t-shirt, perhaps because I like the touch more.




Sleeping T-shirts

And to sleep?

If you're not one of those who sleep like you came into the world, then you probably also choose a basic t-shirt as pajamas.

Simple and comfortable, the tshirt provides the temperature needed for a peaceful night's sleep.

In winter, a long-sleeved t-shirt can be a good choice.



Environmentally Friendly T-shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts and t-shirts made with recycled materials have been a recent addition.

Equally comfortable and beautiful, these "ecological t-shirts" only differ in the material used to make them.

In terms of quality, feel and appearance, they are identical to any other basic men's t-shirt.



Plus Size T-shirts

Such an essential piece of men's clothing had to be available in large sizes too.

Therefore, at RBD you will also find basic t-shirts in large sizes for men, with and without sleeves, in sizes up to 5XL.




Where to buy basic men's t-shirts online?

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