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Cuddly Toys

100% polyester soft toy.Double thick blanket.Ideal for all ages.In compliance with the European toy ..
Without Tax:10.56€
100% polyester.Doudou / elephant blanket with integrated rattle.Blanket with vivid colors patchwork ..
Without Tax:11.37€
Doudou blanket with sheep.100% polyester plush.Double thick blanket.In accordance with EN71, Europea..
Without Tax:10.56€
100% polyester.Doudou / blanket rabbit (pink color) and bear (blue color) with rattle inside.Smooth ..
Without Tax:10.56€
100% polyester.Sewn eyes.Velcro closure on the legs.Polka dot blanket.In compliance with the Europea..
Without Tax:16.25€
100% polyester soft toy.Brown reindeer with red nose.Contrasting horns.Height 30 cm.Ideal for all ag..
Without Tax:9.75€
100% polyester soft toy.Contrasting colored eyes and contrasting fabric nose.Contrasting fabric horn..
Without Tax:21.13€
100% polyester cuddly toy.Contrasting colored gloves, nose and hat.Striped scarf fixed around the ne..
Without Tax:21.13€
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Discover the wide range of cuddly toys and doudous from RBD.
Cuddly toys in the shape of various animals, such as bear, rabbit, monkey, sheep, owl, lion, giraffe, cow, dog, fox, elephant, turtle, unicorn and dragon.
For the Christmas season we have Santa Claus stuffed toys, snowman, penguin and reindeer.
The toys are 100% polyester, in velvet, are ideal for all ages and comply with the European standard EN7I regarding the safety of toys.
Cuddly toys and doudous for girls and boys, soft colors, but also bright colors.
Teddy sets more blanket, where the blanket is arranged between the paws of the teddy and fixed with velcro.
In this category, you will also find several baby blankets or doudous, which is the baby that does not have a Doudou?
So important at bedtime, as it helps them to be calmer, always falling asleep clinging to one.
The cuddly toy is always a perfect gift to give to a baby, it is the perfect toy that will accompany him during his first months and even years.
For older babies who already like to walk with their stuff back and forth, discover the plush-shaped backpacks that they will love.
If you have family or friends who are going to be parents soon, the offer of a teddy, a blanket or a doudou for your baby is always a very welcome gift.